Let your branding personality do the talk’n and walk the walk’n.

Let’s get your brand some cred! Brand Building kind of cred. Let’s build a humanely cohesiveness brand, bursting with personality, an authentic voice all with a thorough process, a quirky touch and a solid direction. 

No mucking about wasting time and resources because it will be designed with intention strategically thoughout with your target market in mind, at every stage!

Helping your business or organisation build brand credibility, inclusivity and engagement but most importantly helping to nurture a relationship within your community. 

That helps build culture and create a legacy.

“But, I already have a logo and a website, I am good to go. What is branding really going to do for my business, anyway?” 


Well allow me to be your business Jiminy Cricket and help guide you from being a brand symbol to a brand icon, so you can not only be the coolest biz on the block but the in-touch brand around!

You know your brand is what your customers say about you and as business grows and you work towards longevity, you know it’s time to establish a brand direction and create a culture that nurtures your customer journey. 

It’s time to tell your story to benefit your community, helps to grow your connection with them and helps build a legacy.

You want to provide your customers with the knowledge that your business offers valuable services and want to extend that trust to the wider community to build a culture. So you attract those who are a fit for your offerings and who want to help you build a stronger and loyal following.

Branding or a brand re-fresh can do this for your business. 

If you have not had this done professionally previously and you have an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, of a brand right now. 

Or if your business or organisational goals have widen, changed or matured since you started your business. 

Create, inspire and story-tell for the legacy you want to build.

CRED ME UP! I'm ready to share my brand story

I reached out to Mariela as I was starting my business and couldn’t wrap my head around the way I wanted to present what I did.

I knew what I could do for my target market, I knew what their problem was, I just didn’t know what it actually looked like. Mariela was absolutely amazing.

She took the time, truly listened and asked powerful questions to get to the core of my offerings, my service and the people I wanted to serve. As we got deeper into the process, Marielas hard work and creative mind showed me how important it was to have a brand that spoke intimately to my audience.

Mariela captured me, my service and my audience in such a beautiful and elegant way. When I saw the result of the work she did, and the options she presented to me, I felt my heart swell. Not only did Mariela understand all the things I did say, she saw what was happening ‘between the lines’ and drew out my brand in a way that truly encapsulated my business.

I would recommend Mariela from Quirkstudio to anyone who is starting their own business or needs to communicate to a younger audience. Mariela truly gets it and she provides an experience that is tailored, unique and fun.

I can’t thank you enough Mariela!

Ellee Michelle Louye

Youth Coach and Owner, Illuminate Coaching

I'm ready to make a legacy.

Start my brand build!

I’m Mariela and I’m a Brand designer and Illustrator, dedicated to help kids organisations, businesses and events help combine the story-telling with direction and brand strategy. To help you communicate your business, values, and spirit, so that visually your brand creates a sense of belonging, connection and culture. 

I help to support you on journey to humanize your brand through story-telling so that it communicate the importance of your work in the community and reaches those who needs it the most. 


Still have a question?. Get in touch


I work with business, organisations or events that are looking to bring direction, story-telling and humanity in the form of quirkiness to their brand. 

You have been in business or in charge for a few years, have some say in the direction the business, organisation or event, will take or have access to the key decision makers who will have input and accessability throughout the project.

You understand your logo is not your brand, you value strategic design and want a unique voice. You are not afraid to try something new or different and want inclusivity, diversity and authenticity as part of your branding. 

You want to make an impact in your community and are working towards creating change for children, youth or families around Australia or directly in your community.

 You value structure, meet deadlines and are happy to collaborate with other creatives to achieve your business goals. 

 You understand a little of your target market/audience and can articulate who it is that you want to target or attract. 

 You would like to build an authentic and custom brand that stands out because it truly reflects your ethos, brand story and is aligned with your business/organisational values.

 You have a budget dedicated to design, have time to complete a thourough and thought out process and are looking for a differentiated pov.



If you only want a quick logo or a copy of one of your competitors, we’re probably not a fit. 

If you are just starting out you may want to start with a brand audit and go from there, if you feel you are ready to progress to branding then we could chat. If you feel you haven’t got all your foundational pieces together yet, no problemo, please be sure to grab my free pdf on Brand Blocks to get an idea of what you will need before you consider branding. 

If you want a lot of revisions and options, we are not a fit as I design strategically to suit your target market, values and unique take on you brand. So, before we even begin to work together there will be a lot of questions and information gathered before I put pen to paper or idea to concept.

Strategic design will mean a fixed set of minor revisions and a solid direction with little mucking about with a multitude of options which do not serve the purpose of the business or organisational goals. 

If you do not have time or have too much on , to start right away or to give prompt feedback throughout the project , also if you would like to start but are hesitant to follow a process and be guided by a professional designer, then we’re definitely not a fit. 

I also don’t work for businesses who promote gambling, drugs or alcohol, who are detrimental to the environment or target children to capture personal information to promote unethically, once they turn 18.  

I’m all about wholesome at Quirsktudio, some may call it goody two shoes.  I call it ethics.