Illuminate Coaching is a youth career coaching business run by Ellee Michelle Louey in Melbourne. 

Brief: Create a brand direction that positions Illuminate Coaching as the go-to business . Create a visual brand identity that helps create brand awareness and loyalty as a professional coaching based service. 







Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Brand Collateral

Beginning with a branding strategy session, the client and I worked on the business ideal client avatar and brand direction which included the brand look and feel as well as it’s guiding principles . Based on the information at this session, the brand positioning and brand values were established.

The findings provided clarity and direction for the business’s ideal market. The following guiding values of Empowerment, Vibrancy and Nurturing were uncovered and built upon for the final aesthetics of the brand identity. 

The brand moodboard represented the visual identity for the brand going forwards. The brand identity options were created with the values in mind, the colours chose to represent the brand were used to represent a guiding light (sunlight yellow) and to create urgency (rhapsody red ). 

Brand Collateral was developed using the finalised brand identity which was is sufficiently flexible and recognisable,  to be able to be used at small and large scales. 

” I felt my heart swell. Not only did Mariela understand all the things I did say, she saw what was happening ‘between the lines’ and drew out my brand in a way that truly encapsulated my business”

Ellee Michelle Louey

Owner and Coach, Illuminate Coaching

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