Jumpin Jellybeans! It’s Brand Authority with a Quirky Twist.

It’s a funtastical day when you know you’re kicking goals and making change in the world for kids, youth and families

You’re constantly thinking, devising and implementing ways to include more diversity in your services or programs and make real change through education and participation.  

It’s what you live for.

You’re not afraid to make a statement, be it super fun, bold or quirky. You’re not afraid to show your true colours. You value the little things in life: the nuances, the quirks, and all its intricacies. It’s no surprise you want to include these as part of your branding and services.

Right now, you know your current branding does not representing the true spirit of your brand.

You need to get you some quirkified brand authority!

You want to show your professionalism and valuable qualities through your branding because you know it’s inconsistent and lacks cohesiveness. You’re not sure how to “fix this”

You worry that the lack of consistence and cohesiveness in your branding is keeping you from reaching and connecting to the people in your community.

Your integrity, professionalism and values drive your work. You have a good heart and you’re always giving. You give more than what’s expected because you value your work. It makes a difference in your community and you are passionate about what you do. You value integrity, structure and commitment and you seek to collaborate with and work with like-minded people.

You only work with highly ethical, trustworthy and committed individuals, who align with your morals and ethics. You would never risk your name, your brand, business or organisation’s reputation, especially when it comes to copyright.

You’re a ‘get stuff done’ kind of person. You understand it takes hard work to make change happen and keep the momentum going to find new ways to engage your community.

You do your best to do it all, but you struggle with keeping up with the trends and innovative ideas. There’s never enough time in the day to get it all done.

You feel out of touch from time to time and know you would benefit from some strategic direction to set you on the right path and set things in motion through creative input.

You realise you need the guidance and advice of a professional in order to abide by all the legalities and proceed with the certainty that you are abiding by the law. Copyright infringements and dealing with questionable business practices are a ‘no-go’ for you.

Everyone seems so “connected” with the online world, but you care about life experiences and making real connections. It leaves you wondering how to get their attention.

This is where I come in.

Let's get change happening

” Mariela offered creative suggestions that significantly improved the final design”

Mariela from Quirks Studio designed two great recruiting posters for our cricket club. She delivered on time and worked closely to our brief. Importantly, she offered creative suggestions that significantly improved the final design.

She was a pleasure to work with because of her efficiency, clear communication, creativity and professionalism.

Paul Sinclair

Coach, Youlden Park Cricket Club

” The project produced outstanding design”

I contacted Mariela from Quirks Studio to create 6 posters, that would be an engaging way to communicate Math concepts to children from Prep-Grade 6.

I had heard great things from other customers and so decided to engage Quirks Studio. Mariela produced a high quality, eye catching design that communicate information clearly and the design was original and engaging.

The approach on the project was outstanding design, good communication, revisions to the product were speedy and well executed. As a whole, the experience was very positive and a high quality service.

I would absolutely recommend Mariela from Quirks Studio.

Carly Abrey

Teacher, Bethal Primary School

“Her professionalism and dedication is second to none”

Mariela from Quirkstudio is an absolutely fabulous designer. I can highly recommend her to anyone needing design work done. 

Her professionalism and dedication is second to none. I will continue to use her for all my design needs. 

Jarrod Layton

Owner , Organic City Farms

A big kid at heart, championing change


Mariela is a business owner, a volunteer, a life-long learner, and bookworm who reads all things thriller, business and YA books in her spare-ish time. Before she began her creative career, she spent many years delaying the inevitable. From working in the dental health field, to handling complaints and managing projects, she knew it was only time for her creative spark to hit. When it did, she used the knowledge and skills she learned in her past jobs as a stepping stone towards building her business.

Whilst nurturing her young family, she began to re-evaluate her creative role and her participation in her community. Two years ago, she decided to re-brand her business and made a conscious decision to take a break working for corporate clients and re-directed her business to work on projects that are contributing to equality, diversity, inclusivity and positive change in society.

Having migrated to Australia at the age of eleven and having been brought up surrounded by a diversity of ideologies and culture in an isolated and turbulent environment, she understands many of the challenges and struggles children face. She also sees the importance and necessity of bringing challenging and complex issues to light in the most positive, ethical and constructive way possible.