Want a fun, bold, bursting with personality brand?. Let’s sprinkle some brand hundreds and thousands on it!


Because you want to build community and change the world. You need some Brand Authority with a quirky twist.

I understand the impact and change you want to bring to your community and into society. By working closely with you, I bring your values and mission to life with great design that speaks to your ethos, raises interest and drives engagement.

You want to make a difference in today’s society. Your work changes children’s and families, lives.

You understand the immense power visuals have in connecting with them.

You know it’s important to build for such impact strategically and ethically.

Let’s build your quirky brand personality because diversity is what differentiates us.

Your brand deserves to be that too.

I’m Mariela and this is Quirks Studio. A brand career, customer focused ally, and advocate for quirky brands willing to make a difference in their community.


Quirkyfi me!

” Mariela’s professionalism

and dedication is second to none”

Jarrod L.

Owner OCF

Logo/Brand Identity Design

A business or organisation’s logo or brand identity as it’s known, is it’s calling card. It identifies your business for maximum recognition and impact. 

Your logo is not your brand, but it is one of the main touchpoint of your customer journey and also how your customers identify you! 

Branding or Re-fresh

A branding or re-branding project can take your business from known to trusted.

Branding is the full package, the way your business interacts with it’s customers at every touch point,  from visual identity to brand messaging. Communicating your values and balancing that with perceived value is essential.

Promotional & Illustration

Want to show your quirky side, there’s no matter way then visual story-telling your unique services than by customising your brand. 

A picture tells a thousand words. Whether you’re into fruit, kittens or jelly-beans. I can make any object come alive with style!